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sometimes you’ve gotta compliment yourself and just be your own hype squad

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fall aesthetic:
one titty out
burgundy lips
a glass of wine in one hand

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Pisces does not set out to purposely break rules but they have a difficult time accepting boundaries. This sign hates feeling confined to living a normal or boring life and wants to have as many different experiences as possible. 

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Pisces Be Like….


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Mariah Carey ft. Jay-Z | Heartbreaker [1999]

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Shows At The First Unitarian Church Are (Kind Of) Coming To An End



R5 Productions has announced that shows at the legendary First Unitarian Church are mostly coming to an end after 2014 due to the space not being used as heavily by the promoters. The venue has become an institution to the punk scene in Philadelphia. Read a message from R5 below.

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#conoroberst (at Boulder Theater)

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